Give us your tired, your poor...

The Asian population growth spurt likely can be attributed to the typical migration patterns of any social group, said Sarah Swider, a Wayne State University sociologist who specializes in Asian immigration, labor relations and gender issues.

"Migrants tend to use their social networks to migrate–the enclave effect sets in,"
Swider said. Asian-American immigrants are leaving traditional gateway cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C., for places like Metro Detroit with a relatively lower cost of living and high-tech job opportunities, Swider said.

Sterling Heights resident Merry Wu, a Taiwanese-American, arrived in Michigan 10 years ago with her husband, a General Motors mechanical engineer. They are both naturalized U.S. citizens. "It was really easy to find work. Most of the reason is the job opportunity in the auto industry," Wu said. "And the living quality definitely is better than (Taiwan), because housing is very expensive there and here it's cheaper."

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